High-Endurance Flight Technology

for Military and Government Agencies

Tactical Services Inc., specializes in medium-sized, extended-duration unarmed aerial vehicles (UAVs) for surveillance, electronic information gathering, radio relaying, and target detection.

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The Tactical Services Edge

From military to border control and local police agencies to search and rescue teams, Tactical Services UAVs offer cost-effective designs, technologies, and modular capabilities that soar above the competition.

  • Very high-endurance fixed-wing UAVs—current flight times approaching 50 hours nonstop
  • Quick, cost-effective deployment—under 30 minutes with 2 operators
  • Easy to ship—complete system can travel as commercial baggage on most airlines
  • 24/7 nonstop mission capability—paired UAVs read/write to same databases
  • Minimal training requirements—operated by tablet device connected to handheld RF receiver with manual joystick controls

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About the company

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Tactical Services researches, designs, and builds high-endurance, medium-size, fixed-wing UAVs focused on surveillance, monitoring, and radio relaying. Currently, the designs are specifically marketed globally to the military, government agency, and border control markets.
Tactical Services HQ's 3D printing operations and assembly facilities are located in Hong Kong, while its test ranges are located in Guangzhou, China and Tillamook, Oregon. Tactical Services is incorporated in Hong Kong.

The company's seasoned team of aeronautical and electrical engineers started the company with the mission of creating a 3-plus-meter wingspan UAV capable of long-duration flight.

CEO & co-founder

Mr. Li is a graduate of Tsinghua University, one of Asia's top-rated engineering universities, where he specialized in structural engineering and performance engineering. Since graduating, Li has focused on the aeronautical industry, primarily in the area of flight efficiencies. He holds three awards (two from China and one from Singapore) related to performance metrics of flight.

COO & co-founder

Mr. Xian is also a graduate of Tsinghua University, where he specialized in structural engineering and fluid dynamics. Since graduating, Xian has consulted with several companies on fluid-flow dynamics, which has allowed him to easily transition to airflow concepts for Tactical Services.

The Tech Advantage

Flexibility and long flight times are some of the key benefits of Tactical Services UAVs. Here's a brief look at the technology that goes into the company's unique designs:

  • High-performance hybrid engines
  • Fuel systems
  • Flight management system (FMS)
  • Redundant coverage
  • Hot-swap bays
  • Easy launch capabilities

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